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Why Would I Need to Hire a Lawyer?


Today’s world is a complicated environment to maneuver through. With all that we have to do on a daily basis – just to take care of day-to-day things – it is very difficult to imagine how one would deal with a legal issue. The bottom line question really comes down to when one would need to hire a lawyer. Sure, we can all deal with simple matters, like parking tickets, but what do you do if more serious legal matters need to be dealt with? Just when do you seek professional legal counsel instead of trying to tackle a complicated legal issue on your own?

To answer these questions for you, we have put together a basic primer on why you might need to hire a lawyer for legal assistance. The legal world can be quite confusing to those of us who don’t deal with it on a regular basis, so please read up on the most common circumstances that call for the professional counsel/guidance of a lawyer.

Criminal Charges and Hiring a Lawyer

None of us ever want to face a situation where legal charges are being pressed against us. It goes without saying, of course, that most people don’t consider themselves criminals per se. However, if a criminal charge is brought against you – be it for driving while intoxicated or domestic violence – it is very important to have a top notch lawyer on your side. Failure to have a good criminal defense lawyer could mean that you wind up having to pay big fines, on probation, or worst case scenario, actually behind bars doing time in jail. If you have been charged with any type of criminal activity, be it a misdemeanor or a felony charge, you must seek a professional lawyer’s assistance immediately!

Legal Defense from Civil Suits

It is not always the long arm of the law that can cause you legal headaches. We live in a very litigious society, one where people have become a little bit “sue-happy” so to say. As such, more and more people find themselves on the receiving end of civil law suits each and every day. You don’t have to be a big, million dollar corporation to get sued these days. People get sued for a variety of reasons, ranging from simple car accidents to cases of professional negligence.

And since a civil suit can result in huge settlement payments that you must make, it is essential to have a lawyer on your team to help provide you with the defense that you deserve. You can’t count on just your word or even your insurance coverage to provide you with a good defense when a civil suit is leveled against you. Instead, make the smart decision and set up a meeting with a lawyer in your area to talk about the civil case you are involved with.

Getting Your Legal House in Order

So far we’ve talked about lawyers coming to the rescue and helping you out during some pretty trying scenarios. But there are times when you should hire a lawyer that don’t necessarily involve you actually having to go to court. You may be interested in setting up a will or some other type of legal documents. It can be very difficult to file legal documents properly, without the assistance of a crack legal professional. Lawyers are trained on what needs to be done to file your legal documents properly, so you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your legal paperwork is processed properly. You don’t want to make any mistakes when filing legal documents, so be sure to get guidance from a lawyer prior to filing any type of paperwork that is legally binding.

Don’t Provide Your Own Legal Counsel

The worst thing you can do when legal proceedings are in your future is to try to be your own legal counsel. Unless you happen to be a well-trained legal professional, you could end up making some mistakes that may cost you a lot of money, or lead to potentially big trouble. Lawyers practice their craft each and every day. They go through a lot of schooling to learn the complexities and letter of the law. Be sure that you always at least meet with a lawyer first, before you make any decisions that might have ramifications on your freedom, your money or your future well-being.

Tax Attorney

Another good reason to have a lawyer is to reduce your tax payment.  A good tax attorney can advise you on your tax matters and help you save on the tax.

We hope this primer helps you to realize why you might need to hire a lawyer. Life is difficult enough as it is, you don’t need complications from criminal or civil charges making things more complicated for you or your family. Always seek professional legal guidance if you have even the slightest doubt about something that pertains to complicated legal matters.

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