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Stretch Marks

All There Is To Know About Bio Oil And Stretch Marks

Bio Oil Coupon

Bio oil is creamy lotion that is used to reduce the formation of scars, heal or reduce stretch marks and reduce the appearance of scars. It also moisturizes your skin and augments the elasticity of your skin. Since its inception in 1986, this lotion has gained a reputation of reducing as well as healing stretch marks. To some extent, Bio Oil and stretch marks  go hand in hand.  For those that do not wish to continue reading, you can quickly grab a bio oil coupon and get a steep discount for your purchase through their website.

Ingredients That Make Up Bio Oil

The components that make up Bio Oil are great ingredients, which are typically harmless on any skin. As a result, Bio Oil is usually harmless to even the most sensitive skin types. The main ingredients that feature in this lotion are Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, PurCellin oil, Chamomile oil and Vitamins A and E.

Formation And Characteristics Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (also known as stria, striae and during pregnancy they are called striae gravidarum) are formed when a skin suddenly stretches, causing the middle part of the skin to break and thereafter the lower part of the skin to emerge. The stretch marks, depending on the skin color, appear as pink, dark brown and reddish-brown. They are usually formed during pregnancy in women, puberty in teenagers and as a result of weight gain.

Parts Of The Body Affected By Stretch Marks

Typically stretch marks affect parts of the skin where fat deposits are made under the skin. This includes the buttocks, tummy, thighs, breasts and the upper arm. Though not very common, stretch marks can appear on the back (horizontal to the spine) as well as on the shoulders, especially among body builders.

How Does Bio Oil Work

Bio Oil works by hydrating the skin, moisturizing it and improving on ht flexibility of the skin. However, in order to achieve this, it is recommended that you apply Bio Oil at least twice a day for three months. While applying Bio Oil, rub it in a circular motion to ensure that the oil is fully absorbed by the skin. The best results are witnessed when application of the oil starts when the stretch marks are new.
This lotion is recommended for use by pregnant women experiencing striae gravidarum, by body builders, adolescents and anyone who has under gone rapid weight gain. Bio Oil and stretch marks eradication is a topic of interest for many. Although it may not completely remove all the stretch marks, it improves the appearance and gives you a better and uniform skin tone.

So if you are still wondering what is the best way on how to remove stretch marks, then read this articles again.  Using Bio oil is simply the fastest and cheapest way to remove the scar.  One bottle cost you less than $20 and you can use the bottle for a month.  This is so much cheaper than going to see a doctor or having some prescribed cream to treat the marks. Bio oil is also easily available in most stores.  You can even buy the oil from online website.

However, bio oil is not effective against deep and aged marks.  It can simply lighten the marks but probably not remove it completely.  To remove the marks totally, you may have to get laser treatment which is very expensive.

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